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Common Ground SWINGS

Common Ground

The concept revolves around 2 crucial characteristics of the soul: the flight and alleviation.

We divided the “perfect sphere”, the primordial earth into 2 parts as a symbol of relationship. The relationship is the generator of both the fall and the ascension. Due to conflicts, biases and human indifference, the earth suffers from fragmentation and alteration. Embracing its degradation, we transformed the earth’s deformation into a new formation. I offered it the flight. The 1st swing keeps more from the shape of the sphere, having a slight detachment towards the exterior, endeavoring a transformation into a wing. The other one is more definite in that way. Because every transformation is painful, the alleviation molds perfectly in this process, supporting it. We created the writing space for people who penetrate into the depth of the work, encouraging them to express the unburdening from everything that destroys the earth: envy, jealousy, selfishness and to fly the liberating flight towards a new, whole earth, that belongs to all: A Common ground.

Material: Plywood

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